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Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS)

A portal with information about and open access to data on standards, technology and good practices to empower agricultural information management specialists in creating access to agricultural knowledge. The portal can be accessed here.

Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI)

Open-access data and analysis on agricultural research investment and capacity in low- and middle-income countries. The Asia-Pacific resources can be found here.

ICRAF Research Priorities, Science Quality Platform and Impact Platform

The platforms provide information on resilient livelihoods’ systems, tree productivity and diversity, land health decisions and greening tree crop landscapes; research excellence and high-quality science delivery, documenting approaches and best practices. The platforms can be accessed here.

ICRAF Rural Advisory Services

The portal provides information on various types of approaches to improving farmers’ knowledge of agricultural and forestry practices based on their socioeconomic and ecological contexts. The portal can be accessed here.

Landscape Portal

 ICRAF’s interactive online spatial data storage and visualization platform offers features to store, document, search and retrieve, and visualize spatial data and maps. The Portal can be accessed here.

PCAARRD Message Board

A  Forum of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCAARRD) for the dynamic exchange of knowledge and experience among experts, farmers, and industry practitioners in the agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources sector. The forum can be accessed here.

SATNET Asia Pacific

The innovation network that shares knowledge on sustainable agricultural policies and technologies, food security, and inclusive rural development in Asia and the Pacific. SATNET Asia is coordinated by the Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture (CAPSA) – a subsidiary body of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). Read more here.

Sweet Potato Knowledge Portal

A collaborative project where sweet potato professionals and scientists come together to share, discuss, and generate new knowledge. The portal can be accessed here.


A global information sharing system developed within the context of Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), designed to enhance knowledge exchange in support of Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS). TAPipedia shares good CD practices, innovation outputs, success stories and lesson learned. Tapipedia can be accessed here.

Tree Functional Attributes and Ecological Databases

Open access ICRAF’s databases provide: properties and attributes of trees, usually at species level, that include geographic distribution, ecological requirements, growth rates, utility and value chain information; geographic locations where trees are known to occur; and plot-level inventory data of co-occurrence of trees in (modified) forest, agroforest or simple agroforestry settings. The databases can be accessed here.

ACIAR Information Resources

A library offering: Scientific publication series – ACIARMonographs, Proceedings, Technical Reports and Impact Assessment Series; Final Reports Series – individual projects; and Corporate publications – Partners Magazine, Annual Reports and the Annual Operational Plan. These resources can be accessed here.

Agricultural Science and Technology Information (AGRIS)

A collection of bibliographic referencesto either conventional (journalarticles, books) or non-conventional materials (e.g. theses, reports, etc.) accessed to full text inelectronic format here.

Agroforestry Species Switchboard

A “one-stop-shop” to retrieve data about particular plant species across a wide range of information sources. Theobjective is to provide information that supports research on trees and tree-based development activities, such as agroforestry planting and wider restoration initiatives. The Swichboard is hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and can be accessed here. 

AGROVOC Multilingual Agricultural Thesaurus

A controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment etc. It is published by FAO and edited by a community of experts. AGROVOC can be accessed here.

Bioversity International E-Library

A library that shares international resources to learn about the use and conservation of agricultural and forest biodiversity in smallholder farmer community. The library can be accessed here.

CABI Library

A A leading global publisher producing key scientific publications, including the world renowned CAB Abstracts (the leading abstracting and indexing database in the applied life sciences), Global Health, as well as Compendia, books, eBooks and full text electronic resources. It also offers CAB Direct, CABI’s online development platform, providing a single point of access to all your CABI database subscriptions. 

CGIAR Library

An online library of official documents, publications and communication materials produced by CGIAR. The CGIAR Library contains key records from the origins of the CGIAR in the late sixties to the present and can be accessed here.

CIMMYT Library

A library that shares resources on maize and wheat through articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, manuals, papers, public lectures, photos, videos, datasets, software, and other information products. The library can be accessed here.

ENACA Publications Library

A library of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia and the Pacific that includes Aquaculture Asia Magazines, success stories, certification reports, NACA newsletters and reports, technical thematic reports, aquaculture journals, and statistics and trends. Click here to access the library.


A multilingual, on-line catalogue of documents and publications produced by FAO since 1945 and books added to the library collections since 1976. FAOBIB can be accessed here.

Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) Library

A database that includes books, journals, extension bulletins and technical publications, with information on a wide range of agriculture-related topics relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. The database can be accessed here.

ICAR’s Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture

 A directorate that focuses on delivering and showcasing ICAR’s technologies, policies and other activities. It is accessible here.

ICIMOD Publications

A library that shares information on a multitude of topics relevant to mountain development, especially in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. All ICIMOD’s publications online, mountain geoportal, regional database system, stories, and other various information can be accessed here. 

ICRAF Dataverse

An open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data. The repository archivesprimary data used in producing a publication, and unpublished data setswith a clear description of the variables presented and supported by unpublished reports. The library facilitates access to data by others, and allows to replicate others’ work more easily. The ICRAF dataverse can be accessed here.

ICRAF Publications

An online database of ICRAF publications, including journal articles, book chapters, working papers, conference materials and books related to agroforestry, climate change, land use, spatial analysis, and other topics. Resources can be filtered by type, topic and region. The database can be accessed here.

ICRAF Toolkits

The library includes Guidelines to Good Nursery Practice, 5 Capitals Toolkit, Negotiation-support Toolkit for Learning Landscapes, Agroforestry Tree Domestication: A Primer, Molecular Markers for Tropical Trees: Statistical Analyses of Dominant Data, Tree Seed for Farmers Toolkit and The Talking Toolkit: how smallholding farmers and local governments can together adapt to climate change. The tool kits can be accessed here, and the Talking Toolkit here.

ILRI Publications

A library that shares ILRI’s resources, such as research publications, project documents and reports, presentations, videos, news, project blogs, journal articles and e-books. These resources can be accessed here.

IRRI Library

A library that possesses resources on rice, including e-books, e-journals, publications, and rice thesaurus. The library can be accessed here.

IWMI Publications

A library that shares water-related publications such as research reports, working papers, journal articles, briefs, success stories, and newsletters. It can be accessed here.

JIRCAS Newsletters

A library including all JIRCAS newsletters, accessible here.

WorldFish Publications and Resources

A library sharing resources of the WorldFish, such as publications, success stories and databases. They are accessible here.

WorldVeg Library

A library offering peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, manuals and papers on all aspects of vegetable production. The library can be accessed here. Crop production brochures and videos can be accessed from here

Agriculture Network Information Collaborative (AgNIC)

A voluntary alliance of member institutions dedicated to enhancing collective agricultural information and services. It offers latest agricultural news and events. It can be accessed here.

ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins

The only global partnership devoted entirely to research on the tropical forest margins. The partnership is between international and national agricultural research institutes, universities, NGOs, community and farmers’ groups working to address climate change while at the same time improving livelihoods in the agriculture-forest landscape of the humid tropics. It can be accessed here.

ASEAN – AVRDC Regional Network on Vegetable Research and Development (AARNET)

A platform for spearheading vegetable research and development and information exchange in ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), accessible here.

Asia Forest Network (AFN)

A network that is supporting the role of communities in protection and sustainable use of Asia’s forests. AFN is comprised of a coalition of planners, policy makers, government foresters, scientists, researchers, and NGOs. Read more.

Asia-Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Network (APFORGEN)

The only network in Asia and the Pacific that specifically focuses on the conservation and sustainable use of the genetic diversity of trees. Read more.

Banana Asia-Pacific Network (BAPNET)

An Asia-Pacific network to foster collaborative research on bananas. Read more.

Banana Networks

Two global networks for banana research coordinated by Bioversity International ProMusa and MusaNet. Read more.

Cereals and Legumes Asia Network (CLAN)

A network to facilitate technology exchange among Asian country scientists, and to increase production and productivity of sorghum, pearl millet, chickpea, pigeon pea and groundnut in Asia. Read more.

Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT)

An international network promoting collaboration for the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources. It offers a conserved germplasm cataloguescientific publications, and manuals and technical bulletins.

Council for Partnerships on RiceResearch in Asia (CORRA)

An advisory body to the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) in Asia, to guide, facilitate, support and strengthen the rice partnerships. By sharing rice research and development plans and outcomes, member countries and IRRI are kept abreast of each other’s priorities and concerns on rice research. Read more.

Hybrid Rice Development Consortium

 A network to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors and to enhance the dissemination of hybrid rice technology. Read more.

Inter-regional Network on Cotton in Asiaand North Africa (INCANA)

A network facilitating regional collaboration for improving cotton production technology in Asia and North Africa through research, workshops and training programmers. Read more.

International Mungbean Improvement Network (IMIN)

 A network aiming to unlock the potential of mungbean to improve crop system productivity and livelihoods through improved access to mungbean genetic diversity for plant breeders to source traits for development of elite lines. It can be accessed here.

Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific (NACA)

An intergovernmental organization that promotes rural development through sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resources management. Read more.

Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins (ASB)

The only global partnership devoted entirely to research on the tropical forest margins. ASB is a global partnership between international and national agricultural research institutes, universities, NGOs, community and farmers’ groups working to address climate change while at the same time improving livelihoods in the agriculture-forest landscape of the humid tropics. Read more.

Rewarding the Upland Poor in Asiafor the Environmental Services (RUPES)

A programme dedicated to developing practical environmental services schemes that can be adapted to work in different countries with different circumstances. Read more.

Southeast Asian Network for Agroforestry Education (SEANAFE)

A network working towards improving agroforestry education, training, research and extension, and contributing to socioeconomic development, empowerment of farming communities and sustainable natural resource and environmental management in the Southeast Asian region. Read more.